About Us

Mixed Media Group, LLC is an A+ BBB accredited company. We take pride in serving the 7-Eleven franchisee community since 2010 providing professional Magazines, Websites, Tee Shirts, Business Cards and Customer Appreciation Cards to Franchise Owners Associations and Franchisees around the country.

Our mission is customer first, and we put a priority on providing savings to all of our 7-Eleven franchisees. We believe in the mission and structure of the Franchise Owner's Association and strive to help improve the franchisee's bottom line!

Following the massive success of our unique partership with 7-11 FOA's we have opened our unique business to business design and printing service to other busines that could benifit from this amazing service.

This is a invite only application based partnership to which we evaluate each new potential partner before creating your unque company profile, we urg you to apply and while we wish we were able to work for everyone we would rather dedicate our resources to providing the absolute best service possible to a few while growing to accept more and more partners.

If you think that we would be a good fit for you and your business please feel free to apply here or call 714-277-4597

Feel free to contact us in person at 714-277-4597, were here to help!

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